Being A Lone Wolf


 Being a Lone Wolf

To be a lone wolf is to be a Loner by choice. It doesn’t mean being a loser. It doesn’t mean being a societal outcast with no friends, living with your mom or being a broke video game/porn addicted bum. The reality of the matter is that when most people approach, you, its because they want something from you. By being a Lone Wolf you save your valuable time that others would be content to waste.

How to Be A Loner

Being a loner isn’t hard. It comes second nature for many people. The difference between being a “cool” loner and a social outcast is simple. A cool loner uses every second of alone time to create or towards a productive end. A neckbeard hikikomori (Japanese for Acute Social Withdrawal) is only digging himself into a deeper hole and wastes his time on unproductive hobbies and pursuits.

Is It Ok to Be A Loner?

Yes. If, and only if your time is best spent in productive solitude, away from the distractions of the teeming masses. If you are a social outcast, have crippling anxiety or are lonely because you have nothing going for you, that is not OK. Are you using your time alone to build or create something that will have a financial or quality of life related pay off in the future? If the answer is yes, you get a pass. If the answer is no, then stop lying to yourself. You aren’t a Lone Wolf producer, you are a low value procrastinator lying to yourself.

Loneliness Gives You Time to Create

Creating a work of art, project, business, book, or acquiring financially lucrative skills takes time, energy and sustained focus. When you’ve got your attention and time on other people, it’s impossible to get your best work done. That is why monks would go into self-imposed exile at monasteries. Producing quality work requires quality focus and effort. It is something that is impossible to do when  you are spending your valuable  Attention, Time and Money on others. Self-imposed solitude by choice gives you the quiet silence and peace. With quiet silence you can create efficiently.

All Great Artists & Inventors Were Loners

Tesla. Galileo . Michelangelo. Da Vinci. Newtown. These men revolutionized the world as we know it. Guess what they all had in common? Long periods of quiet solitude. Time to think without being distracted by the whims and wishes of others. These men revolutionized the world we lived in. Do you have a great business or masterpiece you want to work on? Then you must develop a willingness to be alone combined with tunnel vision focused only on your goal. Success leaves clues. Clues like long periods of solitude combined with intense focus and drive create miracles.

Most People Aren’t Worth Investing Time In

That’s the cold hard truth. You shouldn’t just give away your time or attention to anyone. Most people don’t deserve it. I’ll never forget the sentence my sales manager told me when I dabbled in door to door sales.  “You can’t sell broke and you can’t sell stupid.”  That’s a good line to remember. Don’t waste your time with broke, stupid or low social value people. Birds of a feather flock together. Spend your time and money wisely with high value people who deserve it. Learn to say the word “NO.” and “I’m busy.” often. People are motivated by their own self-interest, not yours.

The best situation in life is a win – win for both parties. I don’t mind stepping on toes and saying “NO”. I might offend someone but they aren’t going to waste my time and take advantage of me. I won’t let them.

Is It Bad To Be A Loner

IT DEPENDS. Are you using your time to produce or consume? If you’re a consumer, then you should not feel proud to be a loner. If you are producing, then being a loner is a good thing. The flip side of the coin is being so focused on work and your mission that you forget to socialize at all. That is the bad news. Being lonely and isolated for long periods of time is very damaging to the human psyche.

Like most things in life you have to find the balanced middle ground. You don’t want to waste your valuable time on Earth. The flipside is you don’t want to be so alone and lonely that you end up depressed, anxious and sad.

The Solution: Socialize Enough To Keep Your Batteries Recharged

Every human has different emotional batteries. Some people need to socialize every single day. Some people can go a week without any human interaction and be mentally fine. The key is to figure out where you lie. You’ll know when you need to socialize because the loneliness will start eating away at your mental health. You’ll start feeling miserable, anxious and hopeless. That’s exactly when you need to STOP working and go do something fun. Hangout with some friends, meet some women for drinks and fun, or just get out of the house. Work from a coffee shop. Spend a couple hours with a lady friend.


I used to waste tons of hours engaged in meaningless conversation giving advice to people who I knew would never act on it. Now I just write it down once and its on the internet forever for people to see.

Be A Lone Wolf. Build a ton of content and then instead of spending hours of your time talking to people, direct them to your blog. If you want to be a winner, you need to minimalize all distractions. That’s what low value people are. Meaningless distractions. Cut out the distractions and you can actually get great work done.


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