Become Addicted to Being Productive


Become Addicted to Being Productive

I’ve got a confession for the readers of this blog.


It took me a while. I had to take tons of stimulants.

Hell, I started this morning with 400 mg of caffeine pills, and bought a large cup of coffee from Mccdonalds.

I’m addicted to caffeine…. but I’m also addicted to something else.


It took 28 years of being on this rock, hurtling in the middle of the vast expanses of the universe.
But I’ve DONE it. I’ve finally DONE it.

I’ve become mentally addicted to being as productive as possible. I wish I realized how satisfying it was at a younger age.

I can’t tell you how good it feels when I put the finishing touches on an article.

It feels GOOD.
It feels like VICTORY.
It feels like I am taking ONE STEP closer towards living the life of my dreams.

Their is NO BETTER feeling in this world then putting your head down after a long productive day.

Knowing you did everything you said you would.

You worked your ass off for 12 hours straight.

Then you got the blog posts you committed to writing done, you listened to valuable audiobooks and became smarter, better and wiser.

Like a farmer planting his seed into the grown, you’ve sown your crop.
You know someday, somehow you’ll be reaping a BOUNTIFUL HARVEST.
That’s an amazing feeling guys.


Anticipation let’s you press forward in the face of adversity and difficulty.

2. Mr.Average Frustrated Chump (AFC)

When I was Mr. AFC, I felt like TRASH every night.

I went to sleep at 5 AM, after 18 hours of binging porn, video games, junk food and PISSING AWAY valuable time.

I would feel deep regret and shame at the end of the day. I had wasted the whole day on instant gratification and procrastination.

I don’t ever want to feel that guilty sick disgusting feeling again.

Productivity beats that any day of the weak.

We weren’t put on this EARTH to just lie around all day and never do anything.
We were put on this earth to CREATEACTBUILDMAKE and TAKE, damn it.


You MUST constantly remind yourself.

The lazy, the mediocre, the grasshoppers of this world are always consuming.
Consuming terrible, unhealthy, poison junk food.
Consuming terrible, brainwashing, propaganda via TV, news, movies, social media and the internet.

Consuming drugs, alcohol , video games and porn
The productive individuals of this world are always PRODUCING.

Like the hardworking ANT.

They feel guilty if they aren’t getting shit done. Even once they achieve success, they know they must never stop producing.

They know they can’t rest on their laurels or previous achievements.
They know that life is a COMPETITION.

Winners don’t take all, but they take 80%.
The majority of losers fight over the 20% … aka the scraps.

Guys, I used to be addicted to instant gratification.
Instant gratification is worthless. Our modern society is built on it.

Smart phones. Stupid People. Instant gratification everywhere.
See something you like?

Two day shipping and its at your door.

Feel horny and don’t want to put in the work?

Watch porn and flip through 50 scenes instead of putting in the work IRL and facing rejection, and having to put in the work to make yourself better.

Want to feel a sense of achievement without having to do anything?
Just play that video game. Pretend your a winner in a virtual universe, instead of the loser you are in the real world.

3.) Rewire Your Brain For Discipline

Guys, you’ve got to rewire your brain. Rewire your brain to be a productive, successful, worker ant human being.

You’ve got to train yourself to feel guilty when you are doing stuff that feels good in the moment but ultimately harms you in the moment.

Most people don’t have ADHD, they have an addiction to their smart phones and instant gratification.

If you really want success… the fancy sport’s car, the big bank account, the mansion, the love and adoration of beautiful women…you’ve got to change your mindset.

Everything begins in the mind. You’ve got to look at the big picture.

No more living for the present moment and instant gratification.
The easiest pleasures to obtain in life are the most fleeting.

Everything worth it in the long term is worth putting in the mandatory work for.

It took me years. Years of taking stimulants. Years of retraining my brain. Years of lifting weights at the gym.

But I’ve finally fixed my massive personality flaw – being addicted to instant gratification.
You’ve got to be a productive member of this society to really succeed.

I love writing each and every single blog post I put out. I know that someone, somewhere will obtain value from reading my post.

I know that my work will stand forever as a monument to my self-discipline.

That video game I wasted 3000 hours on doesn’t mean anything when I stop playing it.

Never in the history of humanity has it been easier for people to succeed.

You’ve got the internet, and unlimited information at your very fingerprints.
Most people just end up using it for mindless entertainment.

They could be using it to get ahead – but instead it just puts them further behind.
I love getting up in the morning now instead of dreading it like I did during my wasted years.

Because I know I’m going to go to sleep tonight, a little bit more ahead of the curve then before.

A little stronger. A little smarter. A little richer. A little bit more ahead of Mr. Average Slob.

It’s the best feeling in the world , and it’s worth millions.
Knowing that you are taking the necessary steps to achieve success and become the best version of yourself.

Putting in the discipline and work to be successful is a lot like when you finish a weightlifting or cardio session at 4:30 AM.

You felt like shit, you wanted to go back to sleep, you wanted to just be lazy.
Instead you FORCED yourself to get your ass to the gym. You lifted the heavy weights. You did the half hour of fasted cardio.

It was hard in the moment. It wasn’t fun.
But you did it.



If you want to adopt this productive mindset, the easiest way to do it is through OSMOSIS.

Start reading and listening to positive, successful individuals who started from ZERO.

Legends like Jim Rohn, Tom Hopkins and Tony Robbins.

Start listening to real, verifiable self-made men who came from nothing , left their mark on this world and became a SOMEBODY.

Just make sure to VET your guru’s.
Don’t just assume that because someone drives a flashy Lamborghini, rents a mansion and a $3000 suit that they have the answers to success.

They could just as well end up being a well dressed conman.
Conmen know that gullible idiots are easy to sell with style over substance and empty promises of get rich quick opportunities.

Osmosis n. – the process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge, etc.

Guys, GET-RICH-QUICK is a fairy-tale like Cinderella or Snow White.
Getting rich happens as a result of providing people value and doing the work.
You must live by a new mantra.


If you want a great book on the proper mindset for success, check out my review on The Official Guide to Success by Tom Hopkins.

One of the most practical, actionable books on success that I’ve head the pleasure to read.
You know how some books make you feel really good but don’t actually provide any substance?

Books like The Secret? The Official Guide to Success is the exact opposite of that.

Read the book, take notes, apply the information and repeat the self instructions.

Become addicted to being productive. You’ll thank yourself five years from now for the sacrifices you make today.

-AJ Lifts

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