My Way or The Highway

My Way or The Highway                             (Be a Decisive Dominant Douchebag) I remember when I was five. A kid. Riding around with my Dad Isuzu truck. He had a catchphrase he would frequently use. He would look people squarely in the eye, and …

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Breakups Are A Blessing

Breakups Are A Blessing Alright guys, it’s story time. Back in December of 2020, I was newly optimistic working the best paid job I’d ever working of my life. I was riding the waves of positivity, moving on up in the world. While COVID-19 and the Quarantine were in the minds of everybody else in …

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Stop Complaining and Do Something

Blunt and Straight to the Point. Like a hot knife through butter. I’m not here to pull punches and pat you on the back. I’m here to tell it like it is and light a fire under your ass , damn it. The bottom line is this: THE STRONG ACT AND THE WEAK BITCH. The …

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Don’t Make Excuses – Execute

Don’t Make Excuses – Execute Execute v. carry out or put into effect (a plan, order, or course of action). VERSUS Excuse v. attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify. At the end of the day, when it’s all on the line…. when the moment is …

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Get Out of Your Own Head

Get Out of Your Own Head                               (And Into the Real World) I could have been the poster boy for living in my head, at one point. From 19 to 23, I wasted many priceless days playing useless video games, procrastination …

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Become Addicted to Being Productive

Become Addicted to Being Productive I’ve got a confession for the readers of this blog. IM ADDICTED. It took me a while. I had to take tons of stimulants. Hell, I started this morning with 400 mg of caffeine pills, and bought a large cup of coffee from Mccdonalds. I’m addicted to caffeine…. but I’m …

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Dating Essentials For Men

Dating Essentials For Men  (BY ROBERT GLOVER)                                                                     Dr. Robert Glover Dating Essentials Dating Essentials for Men (DEEFM) is one of the …

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Live for Yourself

Live For Yourself (The Less You Do For Others, The Better) We live in an interesting world. The older I get the more my belief in the goodness of humanity has diminished. The reality is that life is a constant power game and power struggle.You’ve got to set boundaries with people, be selfish and put …

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Bod Body Spray

Bod Body Spray My friend Ricco turned me onto Bod Body Spray for Men. He runs a Youtube channel as his side hustle. He mentioned he would spray it every day and constantly be getting constant compliments and positive attention from women. I decided to look it up and was expecting some expensive cologne. I …

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