Ooh Say It Again PDF

Ooh Say it Again PDF

Ooh Say It Again PDF Alan Roger Currie Ooh Say It Again How many books can you say got you laid multiple times? Unless your a famous romance novelist with plenty of fan girls, NOT MANY. This is Alan Roger Currie’s third book and in my opinion his BEST BOOK. I own both the AUDIOBOOK and …

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The Possibility Of Sex Alan Roger Currie PDF

The Possibility of Sex Alan Roger Currie PDF (How Naive and Lustful Men are Manipulated By Women Regularly) As subscribers of my blog can see, I have been on an Alan Roger Currie binge lately. Alan Roger Currie is a great writer, with a unique ability to keep you engaged and excited while having your …

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Upfront and Straightforward

Upfront and Straightforward Upfront and Straightforward is Allen Roger Currie’s second follow up book to Mode One: Whisper into a Woman’s Ear. My Thoughts on Upfront and Straightforward: Let the Manipulative Gameplayers Know What You’re Really Thinking: Upfront and Straightforward is well written enough to stand on it’s own or act as a supplement to …

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Mode One Alan Roger Currie

Mode One Alan Roger Currie Mode One is an amazing book by Alan Roger Currie originally published in 1999. The biggest benefit of applying the direct and straightforward approach is it will save you valuable money and time and YOU will not feel as bitter when you get to rejection quickly. Alan is a former …

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Alan Roger Currie

Alan Roger Currie Just who is Alan Roger Currie, anyways? Alan Roger Currie is a pivotal figure in the dating market and man-o-sphere. He has published five books, four audiobooks and has a Youtube channel with millions of views. Alan’s mindset rejects the conventional robotic PUA approach of canned pick-up lines, special techniques and mumbo …

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How To Stop An Addiction

How To Stop An Addiction (Technology Based Addictions) *I will ignore CHEMICAL and substance addictions in this post for the simple reason that chemicals create physical withdrawal issues that are beyond the depth or relevancy of this post to address*   It’s easy to watch one Youtube Video and fall into a hole. When you finally …

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Excellence Vs Mediocrity

Excellence Vs Mediocrity Sooner or later everyone comes to a fork in the road in life. Two paths lie before you. One is heavily forested, with dirt roads, animals, bandits and natural disasters. Nobody takes this road…the few who were never seen again. You notice the entrance is unmarked and the road is so unused …

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How To Take Risks

How To Take Risks HOW TO TAKE RISKS “The Biggest Risk in Life is Not Risking.” – Robert Anthony Everything in life involves risk. Becoming averse to taking risk means becoming averse to life. To get something new, you must first let go of what you currently possess. Human beings are naturally driven towards what …

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Commit to Personal Excellence – Not People

Commit to Personal Excellence – Not People Not women, not friends, not your job, not your customer. Commit to personal excellence in every single aspect of your life. Committing to others leads to disposability. Committing to self leads to you being the sought after prize. (The diamond in the rough.) Disposability means you will be …

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