How to Get Your Life In Order

How to Get Your Shit Together

How to Get Your Life In Order (Why You Needs to Have Your Stuff Together) How do I get my life in order? How do I know WHEN I have my life in order. Trust, me you’ll know. When you can hold your head up high and be proud of yourself, you’ve got your life together. …

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Just Be Yourself And Never Surrender

Only You Can Be You

Just Be Yourself and Never Surrender This saying is simple yet profound. Basically, wishing you could be someone else or getting caught up in others affairs is generally a huge waste of time. We can never be somebody else, no matter how deeply human beings who hate themselves wish.Therefore, the logical man, recognizing the futility …

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How To Be Indifferent

How to Not Give a Fuck 7

How To Be Indifferent – Part 2 of 2 Click Here For Part 1 Hello again reader. Now we will talk about the number #1, tried and tested method to TRULY NEVER GIVE A FUCK AGAIN. The politically correct term for this is “indifference.” About dating, jobs , money, employment and life. The two factors …

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How to Not Give a F

How to Not Give a Fuck

How to Not Give a F Part 1 of 2 Click Here For Part 2 of 2 Who gives a fuck ? How many fucks should we give? What makes people care? Why THE FUCK should you read this article? If your tired of getting fucked over in life. If your tired of losing the …

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Crab in a Bucket Mentality

Crab in a Bucket Mentality

Crab in a Bucket Mentality The Crab in a Bucket mentality is a way of thinking. Summed up: “If I can’t have it, neither can you.” OR “If you try to do better then us, we will drag you down to our level.” When a fisherman catches crabs, he places them into an empty bucket. The …

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Facts Every Man Should Know

16 Things Every 16 Year Old Man Should Know

Facts Every Man Should Know These are sixteen politically incorrect facts that are 100% percent true, and that every man should know. (BUT MAINSTREAM SOCIETY WON’T TELL YOU.) Below are some valuable life lessons I’ve learned over the years. I wish I had a mentor who would have instilled these truths into me at the …

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Why You Should Invest In Yourself

Invest in Yourself

Why You Should Invest In Yourself How do I get more girls? How do I keep my girlfriend attracted to me? How do I make more money? How do I become a boss? How come my friends and girls treat me like dirt when I do all these nice things for them? THE HARSH TRUTH: …

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