ATM Attention, Time and Money


ATM Attention, Time and Money

Your 3 Most Valuable Assets

Have you heard of ATM? No, not the device you pay a $3.00 fee to withdraw your own money from.

Those are a rip-off.

ATM is an acronym. ATM stands for Attention, Time and Money.

Collectively, these are the three most valuable resources you will ever own.

The funny thing is you can’t buy the first two, but they are given to you everyday.
You spend them to get the third resource, mo.

Here’s the ironic thing – the more money you spend on junk, the less attention and time you will have to make money.

Instead of being able to invest them into your work and mission you will be distracted.
That’s the reason why I preach about the virtues of minimalism.

Steve Job’s slept on the floor in his friends dorm rooms.
Elon Musk sleeps underneath his desk on the floor.

That is the type of single-mindedness and sacrifice it takes to become a winner.

Attention, Time and Money

1)Energy Flows Where Attention Goes


Attention = Energy. Energy= Attention.

Energy flows where attention goes.

Wherever your attention and focus is – that’s where your energy is going.

You must treat your attention and energy as a priceless commodity.
You only have so much attention and energy to give every single day.

That is why developing a laser-like focus towards your goals and mission is so important.

You’ve got to develop the habit of asking yourself:

“Where is my attention right now?

Then: “Will spending my energy and attention on this pay off in the long run?”

If the answer is NO, then it’s time to redirect focus on something that will pay off.

If the answer is YES, then remained focused on the task at hand until it is complete.

Focus on what really matters in the long run.
Instant gratification is fleeting, and makes your situation worse, not better.

You’ve got to be hypervigilant. Distractions are all around you in this modern world.

Some of the modern distractions:

1)Advertisements, Youtube Videos, flashy products, doom-scrolling, news, new movies and video games, internet surfing.

2)Texts and calls from friends, relatives, people you are dating and scam

Useless low value people trying to draw you into meaningless conversations/gossip.

Smart phones are useful for a select MINORITY of people.
For the MAJORITY, they are just a WASTE of attention, time and money.

If you are wondering which category you’re in, you’re probably in the majority.

Most people aren’t disciplined hustlers who only use their phones for paper.

Most people use their phone to waste their ATM.

You’ve got to skillfully prioritize your attention and time.
I recommend you always delegate the hardest tasks earlier in the day.

Your attention and time are valuable,  so you’ve got to be stingy with them.
Only expend them on the things and people that deserve them.

If people try to engage you in useless conversations, shut them down directly.

You don’t need to be rude. Just politely tell them you’ve got to get back to work, you’re busy, your boss is on your back.

Then politely excuse yourself.

Don’t feel bad. Remember, they don’t feel bad for wasting your attention and time.

Don’t spend MAJOR time on minor things – Jim Rohn.

Attention, Time and Money (ATM)

2)Time – The Most Valuable Thing in the World


Time. Time is the most valuable thing you will ever own.
In fact, time is the most valuable thing in the world.

The universe doesn’t care how much money you have.
You can never buy more, but everyone is given the same 24 hours everyday.

The differences in peoples lives always comes back to what they do with those hours.

A Rich man is given twenty four hours. A broke alcoholic homeless bum is also given twenty four hours.

Yet the two lead very different lives. The alcoholic man doesn’t value himself or his time.

A rich man, unless he’s born into wealth, always respects his time.

The only thing the alcoholic values is the next drink of his mind-numbing intoxicant.

Because he is so addicted, it’s cost him his health, his home, his girl and his ATM.

If he learned to respect himself and his assets, and got the help he needed he’d be better off.

You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time. That’s one of the hardest lessons I had to learn.

It’s  easy to waste your time without seeing the consequences of your actions.

That bill is put off into the future, and payed with interest.

I wasted years of my early twenties. It took me until 28 to fully realize how much of a price I

I want to kick my 19 year old self in the butt for being so careless with the way I wasted time.

Poor people are frugal with their money. They’ll clip coupons, pinch pennies, drive further and sacrifice hours to save a buck.

They’ll waste hours of time to save a buck. Does that make sense? HELL NO.

To the poor, it makes PERFECT SENSE.

To the person who recognizes the value of time, it’s pure STUPIDITY.

Then these broke bums wonder why they stay poor, broke and miserable.

Do you see the error in judgement?
The poor value money, but they don’t value time.

If you lacked self-respect, why would you respect your time?

Time is more valuable then money.

You can always make more money.

You can’t make more time.

Low value people expend valuable time on low value things.

Learn to say NO to social engagements, drinking at the bar with friends, watching movies and shows you don’t want and killing time.

Learn to respect and value yourself and your time.

Change the way you view time.  Stop acting as if you had 1,000 Years to Live.

This is a core tenant of Wake up and Live By Dorothea Brande, Click for my Review.)

You’ve got one life on this Earth.

Make every minute, day, second, count.

Attention, Time and Money (ATM)

3)Money – Money Makes The World Go Round

(Money – Attention Time & Money Pillar 3/3)

Money isn’t everything you know“. – Every broke, bum bitch coping with being poor since forever.

Money isn’t everything, but it’s right up there with OXYGEN.” – Anyone who’s ever been rich or tasted riches.

Like a deep sea diver with an empty tank, money is like air.
It matters the most when you don’t have enough of it to get by.

Money gives you freedom, options and health.

What’s the difference between a broke bum and a rich man getting CANCER?

The rich man can afford the best care and treatment in the world.

The poor man has to settle for whatever scraps of sympathy and government assistance he can get, while he rots from the inside.

Which man is more likely to come out on top in the battle with cancer?

Money gives you options, power, freedom and security.

Money gives you the freedom to do what you want, with who you want, the way you want, when you want.

Money gives you added security and confidence to meet the demands and problems of life.

This is known as Go To Town Money.

Click here for my Review on:

Tom Hopkins The Official Guide To Success.

In it I break down Go-To-Town Money, what it is & why you need it.

Money, or a lack of it affects your quality of life in so many ways.

Without money, every other facet of your life will suffer.

You will work shit jobs or beg for handouts from strangers or family.

You will have a nonexistent or subpar dating life.

High quality women don’t date broke deadbeat losers.

These days, even bottom of the dumpster women have been taught to think they deserve Prince Charming.

You will suffer from increased stress, anxiety and depression.

You will live in a walking nightmare, feeling like SHIT,  looking like SHIT and being SHIT.

Life is so much easier when your base needs are met and you can focus on more important stuff.

Do whatever it takes to get your money up.

The only exception is that I advise is that it is legal.  But that’s a decision you have to make, and live with.

The sooner you get your money taken care of, the sooner you can focus on more pressing matters.

Attention, Time and Money (ATM)


Money issues are the NUMBER 1# cause of divorces and breakups.

It’s hard to focus on romance, entertainment and enjoying the good life when you’re too worried about how you’re going to pay rent next week.

It’s hard for women to be attracted to a man she sees as below her.

I wish I could tell you some nice comforting lies. That it’s all going to be OK.

That’s not what this blog is about though.

This blog was made to equip you with the truth and motivate you.

To start taking agency and responsibility, stop being a victim and start making your life what you want it to be.

That’s why this website exists.

The sooner you get you’re money right, the sooner you can focus on enjoying and living life instead of stressing and worrying.

Attention, Time and Money are the three most valuable assets you will ever own.

The sooner you stop harming yourself by wasting these precious commodities, the better.

Be frugal with your time, attention and money.
Give them only to the things and people that truly deserve it.

Until Next Time,
-AJ Lifts

4 thoughts on “ATM Attention, Time and Money”

  1. This article really spoke to me. It wasn’t until I realized that time is infinitely more valuable than money, that I shifted my perspective on things, to make a change for the better. If we sleep 8 hours a day on average, that means each of us wakes up with a ‘bank account’ every day of about 16 hours. The smart people will use those hours to be productive, get ahead, and take concrete steps towards achieving the life they want. On the other hand, those who don’t respect time, will just fritter it away, and have nothing left to show for it later on.

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