Are Invicta Watches Any Good?


Are Invicta Watches Any Good?

Ever worn a watch that people thought was several thousand dollars higher then you actually paid for it? Ever worn a watch that gets noticed by all types of people? Ever worn a watch that you get compliments on a daily basis?

Ever worn a watch that fully completes your outfit and makes you look like a boss? Don’t have a wheelbarrow of cash lying around to spend on a Rolex or Knockoff? I didn’t think so. Well… keep reading, I’ve got the watch brand for you.

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Are Invicta Watches a Good Brand?

What is Invicta? It’s a Swedish Watch Company that’s been around since 1837. Invicta watches are solid, flashy, and reliable. Invicta watches look luxury, even though they are affordable.

Invicta has a series called the Pro Diver. The Pro Diver series looks remarkably similar to a Rolex Submariner, especially at a distance. People can’t tell the difference A Rolex Submariner retails for $10,000 dollars or more.

An Invicta Pro Diver Retails for $100 dollars, a fraction of the price. Invicta watches are amazingly beautiful. The craftsmanship is top notch. The attention to detail is magnificent, the quality is excellent.

Most importantly you won’t need to get it insured or fall into a depression if you break or lose it. (Can you say the same for a $10k Rolex?). The Pro Diver is water resistant up to 200m or 656 feet. That means you can wear it at the pool, in the beach or in the sea without having to worry about breaking it.

High End Invicta Watches

Are Invicta Watches Good Watches?

In my opinion, Invicta watches are good, and are worth the small investment. Time to detail my personal experiences with Invicta Watches. I was at my local nightclub last week when I was approached by two middle aged guys. We struck up a conversation and the subject turned towards a $5,000 watch he had bought. All of the sudden his friend spoke up “Nice watch man”. “How much did it cost you?”

How much do you think it cost me?” I replied. “$2,000” he said with full conviction.
” Nope. Try 80 bucks. “No way.” Yes way ”

He looked at me like I was pulling his leg for a second, then seemed to accept my answer. I wear my Invicta watch on a daily basis at my job. Everyday, I get at least one compliment on my watch.

Most of the time it’s something like “nice watch bro” or “that watch looks good.”
I just politely nod and thank them. The funniest thing for me is I only payed $80 bucks for the watch. It’s stainless steel, not real gold. Yet I still get absurd amount of compliments.

The days I forget my watch at my house, I feel like I am naked or not fully clothed. About the only time I don’t wear my watch is while lifting weights at the gym. Invicta watches come in many styles. Silver, Gold, Black, Athletic, Blue.

They also have DC and Marvel themed watches. I’m my own superhero, but you may be a fan of these super hero franchises.

If you’re a Marvel fan, you can buy a watch with Venom. If you’re into DC, you can buy a watch with the Joker’s mechanized face on it. Whatever color or style you like. Invicta has it.

I have had many people think my Invicta watch was real gold (not stainless steel.) At a price range between $50 – 150 bucks, Invicta watches are affordable. You aren’t going to be crying if you break or lose your Invicta watch.

Rich rappers and Wall Street CEO’s can have Rolex’s. Once I make a few million, I’ll probably pick one up. Until then, I’ll stick with my Invicta. Long story short – Invicta production quality is insane. This leads to a watch that looks far more expensive than it is. At this point in my life…my Invicta is basically part of my uniform.

At work.
At the club.
It’s fantastic.

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What Does Your Watch Say About You?

Guys, in 2021 traditional watches have one singular purpose , and it’s not telling what time it is. (You have a smart phone for that) It is as a goddamn masculine accessory that enhances a man’s look and appeal. Every man above the age of 15 should own a stylish watch.

A good watch, with a fitted polo, haircut and shined dress shoes CAN get you a JOB.
In fact, it has gotten me SEVERAL jobs. A luxury watch makes you look like a professional. A professional who respects himself and his time.

You never want to look like an amateur, even if you are one.
You always want to be as presentable and high class as possible.

A good watch accentuates and enhances you in every single way.  INVICTA WATCHES RUN LARGE – RESIZING IS A MUST

Invicta watches are sized for men who have gigantic (9 inch) wrists. The average man’s wrist is 7 inches. That’s fine for giants, but if you have average wrists you will have to resize it. To do this, simply take it to a watch store and have them size it to your wrist.

DO NOT size it too tightly or too loosely. Both are bad. I broke my first Invicta because I had it so tight I broke the clasp. –

That was my fault. I was so satisfied with my purchased I immediately rebought the watch, as you can see in the screenshot. If your watch is too loose on the other hand, it will look corny and stupid. You are wearing the watch to look stylish and classy.

Are Invicta Good Watches?


They sure are. Here are a couple of my personal Invicta favorites available on Amazon via affiliate link. Please click the affiliate links to help support this website and me (I get a percentage based commission, no matter what you buy from the link.)


A) Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Quartz Gold Watch (Model: 29947)

The watch that was so good I bought it twice. This is the watch. The one I get tons of compliments on.

The one that looks great with my gold pens. Worth every penny. My first one lasted a year and the clasp broke because I had it sized too tightly (human error).

I’ve had my second one for eight months and it still looks as good as the first day I bought it.

I recommend you buy at least ONE gold watch and one stainless steel silver watch.

This is because you never want to mix gold and silver jewelry. It looks tacky.

As I’ve transitioned to wearing more and more silver, I’ve come to the inevitable conclusion that I need to buy some more watches.

B)Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Quartz Watch Silver (Model: 30018)


I ordered this watch this March. The shark and wave motif looks dope and this model is made and assembled in Japan. What you end up with is quality. This watch goes better with my silver jewelry then my gold one for obvious reasons.

C)Invicta Joker Watch

This is a limited edition, rare DC collaboration watch. It’s got the Joker’s face on it and excellent craftsmanship. Expect the price to rise in the future.

Great for any fan of Batman or DC Comics. Once it’s gone, its gone. Must buy if you like Batman.

D)Invicta Star Wars Watch


The ultimate watch for any fan of Baby Yoda. For some reason, one out of three of all women think baby Yoda is the cutest thing in all existence.

Sure to be a hit with those women. Also limited edition.

E)Invicta Graffiti Watch


This is a personal favorite. This watch looks amazing.

Great to make a fashion statement with. What else is there to say? It’s flashy yet high quality.

Worth every penny.


Invicta watches are high quality, fashionable and make a great accessory. Watches make a statement. What kind of statement do you want your watch to say about you?

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