Alan Roger Currie


Alan Roger Currie

Just who is Alan Roger Currie, anyways?

Alan Roger Currie is a pivotal figure in the dating market and man-o-sphere. He has published five books, four audiobooks and has a Youtube channel with millions of views.

Alan’s mindset rejects the conventional robotic PUA approach of canned pick-up lines, special techniques and mumbo jumbo.

Instead, Alan preaches radical, upfront honesty. He advocates for the “Mode One Approach – Telling women what you are really thinking in an upfront, straightforward manner.

Some men take this the wrong way and naively assume that Alan shucks and jives up to women and loudly shouts at them “Hey Baby my name is Alan Roger Currie and I want to F**K the DOGSH*T out of you”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Alan is not some feathered hat wearing street pimp.

He advocates for being direct – but that doesn’t mean you need to shout so loud that everyone in the building can hear you or use X rated language in a vulgar manner.

You can still be direct about your intentions in a classy, discreet manner instead of making phony small talk for an hour only to be rejected.

Alan’s methods work – but not in the way that most Pick up scam artists would tell you.

Alan Roger Currie Book Reviews:

Alan Roger Currie has written several books, which I have taken the time to all read and review

Click the links below to read my in-depth reviews on every one of Allen’s books.

Allen Roger Currie


Mode One

Upfront and Straightforward

The Possibility of Sex

Oooooh Say It Again: Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural Sex

The Beta Male Revolution

No Free Attention

The Biggest Benefits Of Mode One:

The Mode One Approach is direct, straightforward and to the point.

Contrast this with the indirect method of approach that’s advocated for by many self-proclaimed pick up artists and bad dating coachces.

1) Saved Time

If you are a high value man then you place a high value on your time.

The biggest benefit of Mode One is instead of wasting hours, days, weeks and months to get rejection, you will get to rejection up front.

This will save you valuable time.

Contrary to what most guys believe – upfront rejection doesn’t sting.

What really stings is when you beat around the bush, waste valuable hours with polite , non-productive small talk and then get hit with “LJBF.”

(Let’s Just Be Friends)

The only proper response to that statement is “Let’s Not.”

2) Saved Money

Many men think that “wining and dining” their way to a women’s panties is efficient and successful game.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Women routinely use guys for foods, movies and vacations.

Wining and dining a woman will not improve your chances of getting laid, contrary to popular belief.

Your wallet will thank you for being Upfront and Straightforward.

3)Reduced Resentment

Have you ever been abruptly rejected after investing hundreds of dollars of money and hours of your time only to be given the LJBF speech?

Think of how you felt immediately leading up to and after that moment. You probably felt extremely resentful towards the woman.

You may have even cussed her out or started arguing with her.

In reality, most men play themselves.

By being INDIRECT and attempting to “FRIENDSHIP” their way to a girls panties, they actually cause their own suffering.

4)Increased Confidence, Self-Respect and Reduced Inhibition

Life begins outside your comfort zone. By constantly forcing yourself to take action, you increase your confidence.

Confidence is a huge aphrodisiac to women and people in general.

Self-Respect is priceless as well.

By being straight-forward and getting to your intentions instead of engaging in polite but phony small talk, you will gain a new-found self-respect.

You will welcome rejection even when it comes because you have not overinvested mentally, physically, financially or time wise in a woman who would have rejected you anyway.

Alan Roger Currie’s books and overall philosophy and mindset form the key pillar of my personal game and approach to women.

Although I may not agree with everything Alan says, I agree with 95% percent of it.

Alans book will help you become a more confident, assertive, dominant man.

As you begin to absorbs Alan’s wisdom and knowledge, you will begin to find your confidence, self-worth, self-respect and ambition slowly building up and increasing.

Alan’s Mode One philosophy , charisma and mindset have had a profound impact on my life.

I can credit reading Alan’s books for my success in several sexual encounters with women:

SEE: Lay Report #1 Jess

AND: How to Get Over A Break Up

Alan has caused my self-esteem and self-confidence to improve throughout the years. I am thankful that I stumbled upon his works years ago and his books continue to occupy a place on my bookshelf and in my heart.

Whenever I find my confidence or mojo slipping, I  re-listen and re-read Alan’s books and find myself facepalming at all the valuable nuggets of information I thought I had internalized, but actually forgot.

-AJ Lifts

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