8 Reasons to Lift Weights


8 Reasons To Lift Weights

1) A Good Physique is Attractive to Women

There is nothing like the feeling that comes from being attractive to the opposite sex. Noticing women quickly checking you out, then shyly glancing away. A good physique cannot be purchased, stolen, or bought. It must be built and maintained with a religious discipline of diet, exercise, habit and dedication. A good physique communicates that you are good genetic stock and would be an ideal man to mate with. Do you want to be the guy she  genuinely desires and lusts for? Or the reliable loser she settles for, uses and cheats on? The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

2) Lifting Weights Builds Muscle

In a way that NOTHING ELSE can. People like to preach about the benefits of calisthenics, body weight exercises, and parkour. In my experience – nothing builds a physique like actual weights. Whether you want to develop a swimmer physique, bodybuilder or ripped model, weights are the answer. The human body simply does not respond to other forms of exercise like it does to weights. That jacked Hollywood star physique was built with meat, weights and high testosterone, not with push-ups and sit ups.

3) Lifting Weights Helps Depression and Anxiety

Depressed? Having negative thoughts? Dealing with crippling anxiety? Lifting weights regularly is the answer. Depression and Anxiety are complex and multi-factored. In my personal experience, the times in my life when I exercised the least were when I was the most depressed and anxious. Lifting weights helps in two ways. First, exercise releases mood boosting endorphins that elevate your mood. Second, building a better physique will lead to people treating you with more respect and positive emotions.

4)Lifting Weights Raises Testosterone

Strength Training has been shown to raise Testosterone levels by up to 40% percent in studies. In todays modern, pesticide, estrogen and chemical laden environment natural men need all the testosterone you can get. One of the worst feelings in life is having Low Testosterone. It feels like slow death. When you have high testosterone, you feel like you can take on whatever challenges life throws at you. You feel like an unstoppable conqueror. Be strong like a warrior, not weak like a wimp.

5)Lifting Weights is Fun

Once you stop making up excuses and finally get to the gym, lifting weights is fun. Seeing your body change right before your eyes is amazing. There is nothing like the feeling of breaking a personal record and setting a new bar. When you break through your previous barriers and set a new standard of accomplishment. You know what isn’t fun? Being mediocre and out of shape. Being fat and weak isn’t something to be proud of like the body positivity movement would have you believe. It’s positively miserable and you should refuse to ever sink to that level.

6)Lifting Weights Cultivates Discipline

What’s the most important trait to becoming successful? Becoming disciplined. Discipline is about control. Specifically, self-control. Forcing yourself to lift weights on a consistent basis will strengthen your discipline. Discipline is just like a muscle – it must be exercised to grow. By forcing yourself to lift weights and do cardio, you will cultivate discipline. This discipline will spread out to every other facet of your life. How you do one thing is how you do everything. Discipline and sustained single-minded focus are the key to becoming great and putting out great work. Your good habits and self-control in the gym will bleed out into other aspects of your life.

7)Lifting Weights Sculpts a Physique

Want to look like a Greek God sculpted out of marble? Lifting weights religiously is the only way to get big, lean and mean. Your body responds to weights in a unique way that nothing else can duplicate. If you want girls to give you looks of lust and adoration as they feel your rock hard abs and biceps…. you’ve got to hot the gym. No way around it, no shortcuts or instant magic pills. If you want to sculpt a physique you’ve got to put in a consistent, dedicated effort for long periods of time. But the rewards are well worth the effort. Their are enough weak, effeminate males on this planet. Set yourself apart from the masses of undisciplined losers. Build a physique that turns heads, gets women wet and makes other men talk shit about you. Yeah, I said it. When you look good, you will attractv

8)Lifting Weights Increase Confidence

When you look good, you feel good. I know of no better prescription to massively increase your true confidence then by lifting weights on a regular basis. Confidence is an aphrodisiac to women and so is a shredded, muscular physique. Lifting weights will give you a healthy increase in both aspects. Looking better then 90% of Fat Western Slobs and soyboys will make you hold your head high with pride. It’s never been easier to set yourself apart from the mediocre masses. People are more fat and out of shape then ever. With a little discipline, hard work in the gym and good food, you’ll be the most confident motherfucker on the block.


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