4 Reasons To Drink Coffee


4 Reasons To Drink Coffee 


I tried abstaining from coffee for the past week. It was HORRIBLE. Sure, I was a little bit relaxed.
I had a little bit less anxiety. I was a little friendlier. I still got the gym but it was a real struggle to get through my workout.

I had LESS motivation. Actually, scratch that. I had NO MOTIVATION.

Work was a BORE and a CHORE, instead of a pretty fun experience.
I was ALOT less productive. Actually between my last blog post and today, I haven’t written a single word.
I was a little less on edge. You know what? I like being on EDGE.
You’ve got to be on edge in this day and edge. REST is for the WEAK. 

If you are on this blog…it’s because you want to become as successful and strong as possible.
Broke, weak and mediocre losers don’t bother reading posts on how to become the best version of themselves.

1) The Harsh Reality: Coffee and Stimulants are a Necessity In Today’s Competitive World

This world has never been more COMPETITIVE. The human population is the largest that it’s ever been. Automation and outsourcing are getting rid of jobs every single day.
Things have never been more competitive. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Boomers and previous generations helped other third world countries become more competitive.
Now, the new generation of Westerners is finding themselves in the most competitive, harsh economy to ever exist.

I like being coffee and caffeine free. I don’t get very much done, but it is very RELAXING.
Unfortunately, you can’t afford to RELAX in this hypercompetitive overpopulated world.

You’ve got to stay on your toes, stay productive and get stuff done.
To do that, you’ve got to recognize the need to be productive, and then have the anxiety and motivation to get productive.

For me, when I go caffeine free or only drink energy drinks, caffeine pills and tea I lose a ton of motivation.

Hence why I haven’t gotten any writing done in the past few days.
Life is a COMPETITION. You must never, never , ever forget this. Because life is a competition, you are racing against other human beings.

You can’t afford rest. Rest is a LUXURY reserved for the MEDIOCRE. The successful – and those who wish to be cannot AFFORD to rest.

We must constantly be PLOTTING the next move, getting to work on the next project and making the best use of our time.
Because of this, we must STIMULATE ourselves.

Coffee acts as the perfect, non drug/prescription stimulant. It motivates me and lights a fire within me to produce content, get stuff done and wake up at 5 AM and head to a job that I don’t particularly enjoy, but tolerate.

2)Coffee is Rocket Fuel for Workouts

I don’t care what anyone says, including your personal trainer or bodybuilder guru.
Coffee is the BEST pre-workout known to man. Not C4 or Bang or a Monster energy drink.
Coffee. I get insane workouts with coffee. Sometimes I even over-train because I have so much energy in the moment.

My workouts with and without coffee are night and day. I would say that with coffee I am about 30% faster, 40% stronger and a HELL of ALOT more motivated to get to the gym daily.

Without coffee , it takes a conscious, heroic effort to get to the gym on a daily basis.
Coffee allows me to push more weight for higher reps, and makes me want to get into the gym, get the best workout I can and then GET OUT.

Some people can’t workout with wrist wraps (See my Post), a weightlifting belt or a lucky tank top or hat.

That’s how I feel about coffee.
Working out without coffee is a PAIN.
Working out with coffee is a PLEASURE.

3)Coffee is an Anti-Depressant and Helps You Tolerate a Boring Life

I wish I was a jet-setting entrepreneur or an influencer. That is the long term goal.
Unfortunately, I need to pay Caesar first. For the time being, I have to have a JOB to do that.

My job isn’t particularly stimulating, fulfilling or fun – but it does pay the bills with money to s[are/
Without coffee, I’m not exactly jumping for joy to get out of my bed and into work at 5 AM.

With coffee, I am able to race the clock and get to work on time and alert enough that my driving is on point.

I’ve been late to work the past three days. What’s the only commonality? I was taking a week off of coffee. Never again.

Coffee has MAOI activity and has been shown to affect serotonin and dopamine. Some people will say that if you rely on a substance you are a drug addict or slave.

I will always preach doing whatever it takes to become the best version of yourself.
For me, accessing that best version of myself requires a daily intake of coffee.
Coffee adds excitement and motivation to boring, dull , monotonous jobs. 86% of people HATE THEIR JOBS.

Most people don’t have the luxury of working exciting, fulfilling jobs.
Coffee is a means to an end, nothing more , nothing less. It is a necessary evil. It perks me up and excites me.

4) The Biggest Reason to Drink Coffee

The final and BIGGEST reason to drink coffee is the person I become when I STOPDRINKING IT.

When I cease drinking coffee I become unmotivated, lethargic, despondent, fatigued, scatter brained and easily distracted. I become relaxed.

lack the motivation and persistence to pursue meaningful activity and study.
I can’t stay focused for an hour on boring, yet ultimately beneficial subjects.
I become non-productive, lazy, lethargic and mediocre.

With coffee I have laserlike precision and focus. I am able to drown out the distractions and events happening around me.

I am a focused, motivated man on a mission. Driven to excellence and designing the life I wish to lead.
Their is a growing body of individuals who are attempting to quit and name and shame caffeine.

I recommend you listen to your body and mind.
For me, I am the most productive, professional version of myself while caffeinated.
For that reason, I will continue to drink coffee every morning from now until the day I die.

If the post resonates with you, and you wish to be more productive, I recommend  you maintain or pick up a coffee drinking habit.

Below are some of my favorite coffee brands that I enjoy drinking. I recommend all of these.
In addition, I recommend you stay away from anything Folgers, Maxwell or Instant.

For some reason these all give me migraines and are well documented to cause issues in many people.

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