Get Out of Your Own Head

Get Out of Your Own Head                               (And Into the Real World) I could have been the poster boy for living in my head, at one point. From 19 to 23, I wasted many priceless days playing useless video games, procrastination …

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Become Addicted to Being Productive

Become Addicted to Being Productive I’ve got a confession for the readers of this blog. IM ADDICTED. It took me a while. I had to take tons of stimulants. Hell, I started this morning with 400 mg of caffeine pills, and bought a large cup of coffee from Mccdonalds. I’m addicted to caffeine…. but I’m …

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Dating Essentials For Men

Dating Essentials For Men  (BY ROBERT GLOVER)                                                                     Dr. Robert Glover Dating Essentials Dating Essentials for Men (DEEFM) is one of the …

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Live for Yourself

Live For Yourself (The Less You Do For Others, The Better) We live in an interesting world. The older I get the more my belief in the goodness of humanity has diminished. The reality is that life is a constant power game and power struggle.You’ve got to set boundaries with people, be selfish and put …

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Bod Body Spray

Bod Body Spray My friend Ricco turned me onto Bod Body Spray for Men. He runs a Youtube channel as his side hustle. He mentioned he would spray it every day and constantly be getting constant compliments and positive attention from women. I decided to look it up and was expecting some expensive cologne. I …

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Breathe Right Nasal Strip Extra Strength Review

Breathe Right Nasal Strips Extra Strength Review   Click Here To Purchase Breathe Right Strips Breathe Right Extra Nasal Strip’s are one of the best ways I’ve found to improve my quality of sleep. I’ve always had issues with getting a deep , refreshing , restorative sleep. My default state of sleep is shit. I …

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Sell or Be Sold Grant Cardone Free

 Sell or Be Sold Grant Cardone Free   Grab Your Copy of Sell Or Be Sold Here This review is for Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone which was originally published in 2012. The main SELLING point of this BOOK is motivation. I listened to this book repeatedly in 2019 when I did cold-knocking …

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Chad Thundercock Tinder

Chad Thundercock Tinder Picture a Monster of a Man. 6’5. 285 pounds. 550 pound bench. 9 inch wrists – wrists thicker then your ANKLE. German. Built like a Silverback Gorilla, makes Six Figures as an Electrician. Makes Arnold look small. Beat prostate cancer twice. Still not good enough for his wife of twenty five years. …

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Traits of A Real Man

A Real Man Would Any time you hear a  person attempt to say what a real man “will” do or “would” do or should do, someone is actively attempting to manipulate you. That person is usually a woman. “A real man would step in and raise another mans kid – it take’s a “special kind of man to …

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